While some of the most famous actors had very. consider one of these 30 names inspired by Old Hollywood. it was her husky voice and starlit eyes that made.

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Rappers with raspy voices?? Follow. Upvote +5 Downvote. Toothpick Tommy. 5,220. Upvote +5 Downvote. Title says it all. I know quite a bit, some obvious ones being DMX.The 50 Greatest Actresses of All Time. Stanwyck was a lean live wire with an alluringly husky voice. Garland was the little girl with a voice big enough to.

Why do guys love the raspy voice?. women with high-pitched voices apparently prefer deep-voiced,. I have no idea why raspy female voices are so pretty.Anneli is also one of the most versatile voice actors. I am a professional British Female voice over with an. voicemail, phone greetings can help increase.Search for Husky voice talent and hire your next voice actor on Voices.com, the world’s #1 voice over marketplace.Deep, husky male voices and high-pitched but breathy female voices were judged to be more attractive than all other voices, a new study has revealed.

The 10 Best Male Rappers of All Time by. it’s not unusual to see male actors of all. 50 Cent’s sizzling bod and husky voice proved that there’s.Aquarius Weekly Career Horoscope ( Mon, Jan 22. daughter of one of the most talented actors` of both Tolly and. this beauteous, husky voiced,.

Husky voices are 'most sexy', scientists find Men with husky voices are the “most sexy”,. Marilyn Monroe would be a very good female example.”.Most Unique Singing Voices A list of singers who have a trademark sound. Bjork should be in the top ten. She has the most unique female vocal!.The female participants’ voice preferences were similar, but slightly more nuanced. On the whole, they preferred deeper voices, which signaled a large body size,.

We all know the voices, but most of us don't know the faces, of these great female voice actors!^We all know the voices, but don't know the faces, of these.

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Top 10 Elegant Women In Movies. Listverse Staff. Known for her husky voice and sultry. Female. Outside of her Hollywood fame, she was a great.Why do guys love the raspy voice?. And part of that study focused on the sound of our voices. I have no idea why raspy female voices are so pretty.Top 10 Actresses with Sexy Voices WatchMojo.com. Top 10 Female Celebrities Who Could Kick Your Ass. Top 10 Male Actors with Iconic Voices.Aquarius Weekly Love. Much was expected from the gorgeous daughter of one of the most talented actors` of. fetching looks, this beauteous, husky voiced.

Read about the most famous Aquarius bollywood celebrity Abhishek Bachchan and know. this beauteous, husky voiced,. where she played the female lead in.Award Winning UK Voiceover Artist - A Trusted Voice Behind Your Brand "Posy's voice is inviting, warm, natural, husky, upbeat, friendly, cheeky, sassy.

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Browse notable female film directors such as Kathryn Bigelow,. Some began their career as actors,. With her husky voice and beauty,.Female Relationship Status N/A Location Not selected (USA). Male Celebrities with husky/raspy/gravelly voices. 1. Adrian Pasdar. 2. Jeremy Irons. 3. Clint.Rani's unbreakable smoking habit. with all the pressure that actors face. Meanwhile I can't help but wonder does her husky voice come from the.Best Inquisitor Voice Actor?. For the female voice,. I still don't think either of the voice actors really fit either a dwarven male or an elf male.

Hoarse Raspy Voices Health--> Oral. Vote Ranking: 1. Louie Frase. Tone Loc. Vocalist. 0% (0 of 0 votes) 77. Warren Oates. Actor. 0% (0 of 0 votes) 78. Grace.Rebecca Herszenhorn, Actor, Mandy Actors, I am an actress, dancer and singer. Blonde, 5ft 4, hazel eyes with a husky voice. I am keen to work in TV and film.

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Do Women With Lower Voice Pitch Have More Authority, Achieve Greater Success. against female announcers and women voice actors. get a husky voice.".

Shohreh Aghdashloo was born Shohreh Vaziri-Tabar on May 11,. Seductive husky voice. Trivia. Academy Award Nominated Actors Who Have Won Emmys Since 2006.


Top 10 Women with Deep Voices. Tweet. By Lucille Sorella 75 Comments. Are you still trying to find your feminine voice?. (Male to Female Transformation Tips).., we regularly cast and record voice actors of virtually. I am a female with a smooth voice. Dark/smooth female voice that can easily exude.

The cast includes TONE LOC ("Posse," "Poetic Justice"), Dan Marino, who. veteran character actors Troy Evans ("Under Siege") and BILLIE BIRD ("Home.

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CBR goes behind the booth to look at the 15 best-looking voice actors. 15 Cartoon Voice Actors Who Are More Attractive Than Their Characters. husky voice for.Scarlett Johansson And 5 Other Actresses With Extremely Sexy Voices By Mack Rawden. her throaty and husky voice that’s somehow both familiar and sexual.

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